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Keywords : DDH,,

Spontaneous Correction of Extreme Degree Femur Ante –Version in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Yousif Rashid Mohammed

Kirkuk Journal of Medical Sciences, In Press
DOI: 10.32894/kjms.2022.137425.1048

Developmental Dysplasia of the hip is common problem , both severe acetabular dysplasia and proximal femoral ante-version are the main pathology that should be managed as early as possible .

Patients and Methods
Between June 1994 and December 2018 , a total of 626 hips with Developmental Dysplasia were treated according to their age at presentation .

In 110 hips ( out of the total 132 hips , underwent surgery ) treated by open reduction with or with out salter innominate osteotomy , the following results were achieved :

A – In all these cases , there was severe degree of femoral ante-version ( Intra-operative evaluation ) and this was found in 100% of the patients with developmental dysplasia ( D . D . H ) , specially in those children above 2 years of age .

B – Open reduction with Salter Innominate Osteotomy gave excellent results in 72 hips within the age group 18 month -2.5 years . There was no indication for femoral shortening to be performed in these patients .

In all children with developmental dysplasia of the hip younger than 2.5 years of age, there will be spontaneous correction of femoral ante-version and there was no indication for de-rotational osteotomy of the proximal femur even in extreme degree of femoral ante-version .