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Main Subjects : ENT

Types of septal deviation Rate of each type ,morbidity and associated sinus pathology

Laith muhamnad Anna Anna

Kirkuk Journal of Medical Sciences, In Press

•Septal deviation is acommon disorder affect sinus pathology
•Design of study : prospective study
• Rate of each type of septal deviation .
•Morbidity of septal deviation .
•Associated sinonasal pathology .
Patient and methods
•About 150 patients. collected from out patient clinic from AL.Yarmouk teaching hospital from April 2017 till Augest 2018 who complain from nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, facial pain others for at least 3month, patients presented without previous diagnosis.
•All patients collected due to symtomatic septal deviation, then examination done either by ant. Rhinoscopy using head light and killian nasal speculam, endoscopy rigid type 4mm (00&300) and fibroptic (nasopharyngeal)
•Doing C.T scan for each patient to observe change in each type on paranasal sinuses ,the shape of deviation which seen by endoscopy and exclude other nasal and paranasal pathology
• Data collected in questioner or statistic reading method using P.value .
• Observe rate of each type ,morbidity of septal deviation consequence of pathology of each type regarding of sinuses
• In this current study for 150 case symptomatic septal deviation we observe :
• C-shape (91)60.6%
• S-shape (59) 39.3%
• we found 70 case associated with sinus pathology
• C-shape=32case 45.8%
• S-shape =38case 54.2%

• Deviated nasal septum associated with significant sinonasal disease especial S-shape DNS which show statically significant correlation with sinus disease .
• Nasal obstruction are the main complain of septal deviation .
• Bilateral sinus disease more associated with S-shape &unilateral sinus disease with C-shape .