Pediatrics General Hospital, Kirkuk, Iraq


Background: Jaudice is observed in first week of life in most neonates, it is usually benign but untreated severe indirect hyperbilirubinemia is potentially toxic to nervous system of neonates. Aim of study: Asses effect of some factors on modality of therapy in neonatal jaundice (phototherapy, exchange transfusion). Prematurity & Low birth weight is discussed in some detail. Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out at neonatal intensive care unit {NICU} of pediatric general hospital Kirkuk from first of March 2018 to first of September 2018 on 307 neonates admitted to hospital,154 of them had jaundice, these neonates were divided to those who had received phototherapy & those who had exchange transfusion, then divided to: term & preterm, normal weight & low birth weight, male & female, then the modality of therapy in each of these groups was analyzed & studied. Results: It was found that 307 neonates were admitted to NICU, 154 neonates (50.1%) of total admission to neonatal intensive care unit were due to jaundice, 115 neonate (74.6%) received phototherapy, 39 neonate (25.4%) had exchange transfusion. 100 neonates were male (64.9%) & 54(35.1%) were female. Phototherapy is used more frequently in preterm 28(77.7%) & 23(85.2%) LBW neonates than exchange transfusion, which was used in 8(22.3%) preterm & 4(14.8%) LBW. When the association between gestational age and type of therapy is statistically analyzed there was no significant association. No significant association between gender of baby and type of therapy was found. There was no significant association between weight of neonate & type of therapy. Conclusion: Fifty per cent of admissions to NICU were due to jaundice. Exchange transfusion is still used in relatively height percentage in NICU at Pediatric General Hospital Kirkuk because of late presentation of neonates with jaundice to medical team. Lack of awareness about the toxic effects of high bilirubin on the developing brain among families in our society. In addition old, over used phototherapy equipment in hospital, reduce the effectiveness of phototherapy.