1 Department of Emergency Surgery, Kirkuk General Hospital

2 Department of Surgery, Kirkuk General Hospital


Background: Patient satisfaction can be defined as the extent of an individual's experience compared with his or her expectations. Patient satisfaction is a subjective and complex concept, involving physical, emotional, mental, social, and cultural factors. It is The Aim: Of this study is to audit the patient expectation and satisfaction regarding the quality of care offered by doctors, nurse, post operative care, pain relief, and hospital facilities. Patient and Method: This is prospective randomized study, while conducted in Emergency unit of main medical hospital surgical inpatient ward, about satisfaction and acceptance for patients with acute abdomen in emergency unit from time of admission to the time of discharge from hospital. This study includes 60 patients suffering from acute abdomn including [acute appendicitis, perforated appendix, intestinal obstruction, acute cholycystitis]. Results: A total of sixty patients are participated in the study. Age ranged from (8-65) years, mean age of (25.48%), 38 cases were male (55%) and 27 of cases were female (45%) and male to female ratio is (2:1). Conclusions: Acute appendicitis was the most common cause of acute abdomen encountered in this study. Majority of cases in this study dissatisfied from nurse care and pain relief and satisfied from doctors, post operative care and hospital facilities.