1 Kirkuk Hematology-Oncology Center, Kirkuk, Iraq

2 Azadi Teaching Hospital, Kirkuk, Iraq


Background: success of our therapy. One can feel the triumph of medicine against cancer through the directed therapy that is now available for CML, making patients die with rather than from n this study we evaluate chronologically the hematological response of our CML patients in Patient and Methods: Every patient seen and treated with Glivec was subjected to a critical evaluation in Kirkuk Hematology-Oncology Center. The standard dose for all patients is 400 mg orally daily. Following the pattern of response through CBC results available over the first 28 days of therapy were recorded first; for the rest of the first three months of treatment, weekly CBC was determined. Spleen size, Hb level and platelet count were also recorded. It is aimed to establish a platform for knowing how future patients with CML in our locality respond to Glivec treatment. Results: The mean age of our patients was 44 years. Out of the 67 patients of CML, 35 were male and 32 were female. The first line treatment of all these CML patients was Glivec. We witnessed complete hematological response in (92.5%) of CML patients during the first three month after start treatment. Glivec has normalized the WBC count in the majority of our patients. Early neutropenia and thrombocytopenia necessitating manipulation of the standard Glivec daily dose of 400 mg. Conclusion: Glivec is the target therapy in the management of the chronic myeloid leukemia with Philadelphia-positive chromosome and cause Complete hematological response that arise during the first three month after started treatment which lead to normalized WBC count and its differentiation in the blood smear with significant clinical improvement especially the size of spleen which become impalpable in (88%) of CML patients.