1 Department of Surgery, Medical College, Kirkuk University

2 Azadi Teaching Hospital, Kirkuk


Background: Intracapsular femoral neck fracture (ICFNF) was and still is a challenge for orthopedic surgeons; and among few accepted methods of treatment, the most widely used is multiple cannulated lag screws (CLS); but still there are some controversies in the accepted time lapse for operation and age limit of the patients. Objective: treatment of choice for (ICFNF) in wide variety age groups, and after different times since the fracture happened. Patients and Methods: from (Dec. 2014-Sep. 2017) 23 patients with (ICFNF) were selected from those admitted to the orthopedic surgery department in Azadi Teaching Hospital Kirkuk. The time lapse before the surgery ranged from 1/2-6 days; the patient's ages ranged from 14-62years. All were treated by fixation with multiple (CLS) and minimal capsulotomy. The outcomes studied monthly both clinically and radiologically in duration from 8 to 20 months. Results: Fourteen cases (61%) were rated as excellent, six cases (26%) as good, two cases (9 %) as fair, and one case (4%) was rated as poor; according to the pain, limp and range orded in four cases (17%) in the form of superficial infection in one case, malunion in two and both in the other. Conclusion: This method can be used successfully in treating (ICFNF) in wide age groups and even after a delay of up to 6 days.