Community health department, Kirkuk Technical Institute


Background: Mobile learning is a new type of learning method which has a some similarities with the electronic learning used for easily obtaining the necessary information at any time need and creating a modern flexible environment for learner in their different setting. The study aim: The study aim was to assess the knowledge and attitude of 6th year medical students regarding the role of mobile learning in medical education. Subjects and Methods: A cross- sectional study was done on 75 medical sixth class/ Tikrit University student were selected randomly from the period of 1st January/ 2013 till the end of April /2013. A six parts questionnaires form has been prepared by the investigators and distributed to the study sample after receiving their agreements in participating in the study after complete explanation the study purpose. Results: The study show that most of study sample were female (40-53.3%), and from urban area (57- 76.0%) and majority of them agree that m- learning is very important in medical education (32-57.1%). Most of students go with that m-learning enhancing communication abilities and obtaining a large amount of information with the easily gaining the necessary scientific knowledge. Conclusion: The study concluded that m- learning provides many services like logging of medical books with lecture notes and practical reports.