Departments of Pediatrics, Medical College, Tikrit University


Background: Magnesium control different enzyme and is smooth muscle relaxation at the bronchia. Infection decrease selenium level which are of significance since of relationship among selenium and immunity. Objective: Assess role of magnesium plus selenium in management of viral pneumonia in asthmatic child. Material and Methods: 300 Asthmatics Child under 15 year present with viral pneumonia record in a period of 56 month starting from April 2009 to April 2014, Sub classified as 150 Asthmatics Child magnesium plus selenium group and 150 Asthmatics Child control. Magnesium 200mg plus selenium (tab) 200mcg were schedule to receive magnesium plus selenium single dose per day for 7 days While control (supportive) group received supportive treatment. Results: The estimates of magnesium plus selenium (tab) group significant improvement in heart rate (P= 0.001), rapid respiration (P=0.003), hs-CRP (P = 0.001), ESR (P =0.005), Radiological (P = 0.003), serum interleukin-2 receptor (P = 0.0002). Less than in control. Conclusions: This study indicates benefit of magnesium plus selenium supplementation in management of viral pneumonia in asthmatic child