Department of Pharmacology, Medical College, Kirkuk University


Background: Ginkgo biloba extract the most popular traditional natural herbal product has been widely used for may clinical purposes including treatment of cerebral insufficiency, cognitive impairment, dementia, peripheral vascular disease, premenstrual syndrome, schizophrenia, tinnitus, and vertigo. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of single oral dose on plasma glucose level. Material and methods: The effect of ginkgo biloba extract on plasma glucose level after sucrose load in non diabetic healthy volunteer were investigated on one hundred fifty healthy volunteer randomly divided into two equal groups. Group I was administered one gram per kg glucose; groups II was administered one gram per kg glucose and 240 mg Ginkgo biloba extract. Blood samples were collected from each volunteer before and 15, 30, 60,120, 180 post ingestion of glucose for separating the plasma, which was utilized for the determination of plasma glucose levels. Results: The result show considerable decrease in plasma glucose in 60 and 120 mint and also considerable decrease in AUC (p value <0, 05) due to use of Ginkgobiloba extract. Conclusion: The Ginkgo biloba extract attenuate the plasma glucose level after sucrose load and may be promising treatment of diabetes as adjuvant therapy.