1 Department of pharmacy, Kirkuk Health Directorate

2 Pediatric Hospital

3 Azadi Teaching Hospital


Background: Clinical guidelines considered important instruments to improve quality in health care. The implicating guidelines lead to reduce the non-rationally medication use, insuring the best treatment way to patients, helping best decisions choosing by physicians and protecting the patients against medical errors as the guidelines depending on evidence based medicines . The guidelines is not implicating in Kirkuk city hospitals. 
Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge and attitude of physicians to standard treatment guidelines in Kirkuk city searching for the barriers that prevent implicating it. 
Methods: 61 physicians questionnaire were completed in a prospective observational multi-center study in Kirkuk city by indicators used to investigate knowledge on guidelines, (86.8% male, 13.1% female). 
Results: The physicians who have good information were (63.9%) and (81.08%) were satisfied according to standard treatment guideline. (59.01%) choose that they want an already prepared guideline to adopt it. From over all comments, the frequent one (27.86 %) which” need team work and reevaluation”. 
Conclusion: The conclusion of this study is to implicate the standard treatment guideline, we need a committee to adopt an guidelines and revising it according to our environment.