1 Department of Medicine

2 Department of Surgery

3 Department of Community Medicine (College of Medicine/ Kirkuk University).


Background: Irritable Bowel syndrome is a functional bowel disease characterized by abdominal pain associated with change in the frequency and consistency of stool, this study was carried out to study the prevalence and the clinical characteristics of irritable bowel syndrome among students of medical school of Kirkuk university. Subjects and Methods: This is a cross sectional study done among students in medical and nursing college of Kirkuk university from September 2012 to March 2013 according to a standardized questionnaire based on Rome II criteria for the diagnosis of IBS. Results: This study showed that symptoms of IBS is present in (35%) of students in nursing college and (31%) of students in medical college with overall frequency of (33%), also this study showed a frequency of IBS among (24.3%) of female and (11.2%) of male in nursing college while (18.6%) among female, (12.9%) of male in college of medicine. Regarding the type of IBS according to the bowel motion, diarrheal type was present in (41.6%), constipation type in (30.5%) and the mixed type in (27.7%). Conclusion: The present study showed that symptoms of IBS are frequent among students in medical and nursing college and it is commoner in females more than males.