1 Department of Medicine

2 Department of Community Medicine (College of Medicine/ Kirkuk University)


Background: Handedness in human kind means a lot apart from social impact. It gives a hint to localization of dominant hemisphere. This study was done on Kirkuk University students & well concluded that activities other than only hand writing are well correlated to high cerebral function like learning & memory, speech & language. Family history is important in this aspect. Objective: To explore correlation of handedness to candidate performance & other daily activities which need high cerebral function. It's relation to family history is well addressed. The patterns of speech fluency were studied. Subjects and methods: Subjects included in this cross sectional study were selected randomly from students in different colleges in Kirkuk University from Jan. 2012 – Jan. 2013. Proposing sheets of information & asking candidates directly by researchers about wanted data & the result were fixed in appropriate boxes and then analyzed properly. Results: Among 242 students 148 (61.15%) were using right hand during writing while 94 (38.85%) using left hand during writing. Some of them were in forced by their parents to change handedness during early childhood. Handedness were different during other activates, correlated well with performance & got family history. Conclusion: Handedness correlated with many parameters other than hand writing. Important daily activities, performance at college, ability in mathematics, drawing, quality of hand writing were all observed.