Department of surgery, College of medicine, Kirkuk University


Objective: The study was done to evaluate the effect of closed suction drains on local wound complications and the progression of the expansion. Patients and methods: The study includes 32 patients were selected from outpatient clinic / Azadi teaching hospital / Kirkuk; divided to 2 groups, 20 patients with suction drain (redivac drain) and 12 patients without drain; between March 2007- July 2011.The surgeries done in plastic and reconstructive surgery department by one surgeon. Results: The median range of follow up was 2-4 months. post operative complications for drained group (20 patients) were seroma and hematoma 0% while infection occur in 1 patient (5%) only; on the other hand, complications for the undrained group (12 patients) include seroma and or hematoma formation in 4 patients (33.3%), infection in 4 patients (33.3%) while implant extrusion occur in 3 patients (25%). Conclusions: The use of closed suction drains with introduction of tissue expander is advantageous; it significantly decrease the risk of complications and re operation rate.