1 Department of surgery, Kirkuk general hospital.

2 Department of surgery, Azadi teaching hospital


Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) is acutaneus malignancy with multisystemic involvement and the larynx is one of the rare and unusual sites for involvment, we had reported a 75-year-old gentleman, who presented with progressive hoarseness with stidor. He underwent an emergency tracheostomy and fiberoptic laryngoscopy revealed a whitish globular laryngeal mass obscuring the glottic region, The patient also has many cutaneous lesions with involvement of oral cavity, nasal mucosa, nasopharynx biopsy was taken and histopathological study showed evidence of spindle shaped cell connective tissue consistant with Kaposi sarcoma, Laboratory test for (HIV) was negative, patient not diabetic no renal problem, no history of steroid or other drugs, no history of disease that affects his immune status, then we sent him to oncology unit and received systemic chemotherapy (paclitaxil) 225mg/m2 every three weeks ,he improved and laryngeal lesion heald completely and tracheostomy closed. This case was reported because KS rarely involve the larynx with the narrowing of the airway and only two cases reported, and second thing is that our case was (HIV) negative.