1 Department of Medicine

2 Department of Family and Community Medicine lCollege of Medicine/ Kirkuk University.


Background: Types of questions means a lot for every school in the world starting from primary schools till the end of one‘s professional life. Medical college is among one of the top colleges due the level of the students accepted in the college to be future young physicians and their teachers work mostly as both doctors and teachers at the same time. Objective: This study was performed to assess the preferred types of assessment questions among medical students and teachers in Kirkuk medical college to pinpoint what is ideal for both and to compare it with the results of studies conducted by other colleges published in the literature. Subjects and Methods: Subjects included in this cross-sectional study ware 37 teachers (in basic and clinical teachings), and 181 students starting from the 3rd, up to the 6th year in Kirkuk medical college during 2011-2012 by proposing questions to both students and teachers and asking them to spot their preferences and other wanted data on the prepared questionnaire sheets by researchers. Results: Among 181 students consisting of 120(66.3%) female students and 61(33.7%) male students, Single choice questions (best of five) are the first choice for 56 students due to easy memorisation. Among 26 teachers whose data is included, single choice questions (best of five) is the first choice for 11 teachers. Covering wider subjects is the most common cause behind the teacher's preference for a particular question type. Conclusion: Single choice questions and essays are the most preferred question by the students. Teachers mostly preferred single and multiple choice questions for reasons of covering wider subjects, testing students concentration, and the presence of less factor of chance. Oral exams are preferred by many teachers.