College of Health Sciences, Hawler Medical University


Background: Unexplained subfertility (UI) is a term applied to an infertile couple whose standard investigations yield normal results. The diagnosis of UI is one of exclusion. Aims and objectives: 1. To find any other causes of UI. 2. To know distribution of patients with UI according to the age 3. To detect Anti Sperm Antibodies (ASAs) in both serum of couples and in the semen of male partner and its relation with UI. Patients and methods: The study carried out in Erbil In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and subfertility care center from November 2009-September 2010 and (157) couples (explained and unexplained) were participated in this study and classified according to the cause of subfertility. A serum samples from 33 couples for both male and female, and 33 semen samples were examined for the presence of ASAs by using Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay technique (ELISA ). Results: From those (157) couples the incidence of UI was seen in 33 couples (21%) and the high percentage of infertile couples were age around (26-35) years. The mean age for both male and female was (33.64, 28.64) years respectively. The ASAs were foundin 5out 33 couples (15.16%), in female serum 8(24.24%) while in the semen was 18(54.55%) Conclusions: The age of male and female has effect on both the subfertility and fecundity and there is a relation between female age and subfertility. ASAs could be a cause for subfertility and ASAs found in couples with UI