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Introduction: Diabetic macular edema is the most important cause of visual loss in diabetic patients.
Aim of study: To evaluate the association between Ischemic heart diseases and diabetic macular edema in type two diabetes mellitus patients by assessing the severity of visual impairment, assessment of central macular thickness and macular cystoid changes by ocular coherence tomography when both diseases coexist.
Patients and methods: In this study, total of (128) patients studied and classified into two groups , (64) patients were in the first group whom have Ischemic heart diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus, those compared with a second group of another (64) patients whom have type 2 diabetes mellitus without Ischemic heart event. Visual acuity, cystoid macular edema by ocular coherence tomography, central macular thickness by ocular coherence tomography compared between two groups.
Results: In this study, we noticed that 77.4 % of studied eyes with visual acuity of 6/60 or worse were in first group with a significant association. Regarding ocular coherence tomography results, 80.8 % of studied patients with bilateral cystoid macular edema also were in first group with a significant association.
Regarding central macular thickness, the mean was higher in first group (330.96±133.79) as compared with second group (284.03±93.26) with a significant association (p=0.001).
Conclusion: Comparison between two groups revealed significant association between ischemic heart diseases and severity of visual acuity impairment with more sever ocular coherence tomography findings in the first group.


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