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Schizophrenia comes in a variety of subtypes that are categorized according to the symptoms manifested. One of these subtypes is characterised by hostility and distrusting (paranoid). This type is more prone to different types of overt aggression .
A main goal in secure forensic mental health services is to reduce violence and prevent violent recidivism by patients after discharge.

1-To identify patterns of violence among inpatients admitted to forensic units.

1. This cross sectional study was conducted in AL Rashaad Training Hospital ( Forensic unit and other therapeutic wards ). The study sample consists of seventy inpatients in forensic unit compared to seventy inpatients in the ordinary wards. Both were selected randomly from a period from March December 2020 .

The results showed that there is high violent behaviour committed by schizophrenic patients at time of admission in forensic unit which were (attempted murder 37.1% , murder 21.4% ) while in ordinary wards were (5.7% , and 0% respectively) , both groups showed no significant difference in expressing different types of violent acts after their admission .In addition , the control group inpatients showed relatively high scoring in expressing all different patterns of violence.

Although the violence as a cause for admission , was very high in forensic unit , the results showed that the rate of violence for both groups, mostly, was not significantly different from ordinary ward after a suitable period of admission.


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