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Azadi teaching hospital


Objective: This prospective study about importance to consider Sacroiliac joint ( SIJ ) dysfunction as one of important cause of low back pain and estimation the occurrence of SIJ dysfunction in low back pain.
Background: The SIJ is formed by the articular surfaces between the sacral and iliac bones.The joint dysfunction with slightly joint subluxation, which are majority of SIJ disorders. Establishing the diagnosis of SIJ pain are difficult because history, clinical examination and imaging studies are not helpful in confirming the diagnosis.
Patient and Method: fifty patients participated through eighteen months period from October 2017 to March 2019 estimated occurrence SIJ dysfunction in low back pain below L5 group Patients with low back pain and have three or more positive provocative SIJ tests on physical examination these patients candidate diagnostic injection of local lidocaine into the SIJ, patient pain improve more than 70% in his or her pain within 30 to 60 minutes and diagnosis of SIJD confirmed.
Results:Our prospective study included fifty patients, the 20% of LBP group have SIJ dysfunction, more prevalence in obese patients, among female gender.SIJ dysfunction more common on left side 70%, right side in 30%.
Conclusion:Sacroiliac joint dysfunction remarkably missed underestimated cause of low back pain.The prevalence of SIJ dysfunction are15% to 30% of LBP in many studies.High suspicion and accurately diagnosis required of SIJ dysfunction to be cost effective in management of patients with low back pain and avoid unnecessary lumbosacral spine surgical interventions and decrease failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) incidence.


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