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Azadi teaching hospital



Background: The new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak resulted in millions of co-morbidities and mortalities all over the world. The hyperglycemia with or without diabetes mellitus is prevalent in COVID-19 disease.
Aim of study: To identify the prevalence of hyperglycemia in COVID-19 patients and to evaluate the relationship between hyperglycemia and severity of COVID-19 disease.
Patients and methods: This study is a descriptive cross sectional study conducted in AL-Shifaa 14 Hospital in Kirkuk city-Iraq for duration of six months during the period from 1st of January till 30th of June, 2021 on convenient sample of 250 non-diabetic COVID-19 patients. The diagnosis of COVID-19 disease was confirmed by the supervisor according to clinical symptoms and signs, RT-PCR finding and CT-scan finding. The severity of COVID-19 disease was categorized by the supervisor according to Iraqi Ministry of Health guidelines.
Results: The prevalence of hyperglycemia among COVID-19 patients was (8%). The COVID-19 severity of patients was classified into; mild (27.2%), moderate (13.6%) and severe (59.2%). The means of random blood sugar and HBA1c were significantly increased among patients with severe COVID-19 disease (p


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