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pediatric dep


The predominant type of hypertension in pediatric age group is the secondary hypertension, with chronic kidney disease being the most common cause, but, nowadays, there is a rising incidence of primary hypertension due to the rising incidence of obesity in children. 260 patients (from 1-14 years old) were collected from pediatric hospital in Kirkuk city and Baghdad road polyclinic at Kirkuk city, BMI was measured, renal function test, serum electrolyte and lipid profile are done for all the patients, serum cortisol done for the hypertensive patients, hypertension was found in 13 (5%) of our patients; 5 patients (2%) were complaining from primary hypertension and their BMI was > 30 kg/m2 , and 8 (3%) patients were complaining from secondary hypertension, renal impairment was the commonest cause. Secondary hypertension has found to be more common than the primary with the renal cause being the commonest one, all the cases were complaining from dyslipidemia.


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