Document Type : Original research


Kirkuk Pediatric hospital


             Prospective study involved 63 patient admitted to kirkuk pediatric hospital from 15/5/2008 to 15/7/2008   collectively patients submitted to all required investigations TSB  level , complete blood picture, reticulocyte count  direct coombs test via two methods  antihuman globulin test and old standard technique of o cell technique ,the  most common cause of neonatal jaundice among them was physiological one and ABO incompatibility being the next common one male patients were the commonest among these patients ,blood group of most of patients was Followed by b ,being the mothers blood group o was the predominant one in this study, this disease was mostly seen in low birth patients (<3 kg )in our study ,higher levels of total serum bilirubin(>200mmole/liter)  noticed among these patient
We concluded that ABO incompatibility is a well documented cause of neonatal morbidity in this city finally we recommend performing reticulocyte count , complete blood picture ,total serum bilirubin and direct coombs test in every patient with blood group A or B and mother blood group o sine a lot of complication can be prevented by diagnosing this serious illness.