Document Type : Original research


1 ENT Specialist in Azadi Teaching Hospital

2 Department of surgery, Azadi teaching hospital, kirkuk, Iraq

3 ENT Specialist in Kirkuk General Hospital


Background: Active chronic otitis media present with multiple findings within the middle ear like, granulation tissue and cholesteatoma which has extension and origin from similar pathological conditions within the attic and mastoid air cell system.
Objectives: to assess the operativel finding in middle ear cleft including the attic and air cells during mastoid exploration.
Study design: Prospective study
Setting: E.N.T department Kirkuk Azadi Teaching Hospitals
Patient’s selection: 20 Ears; on whom decision of mastoid exploration was taken. Extensions of granulation tissue and cholesteatoma assessed.
Results: 60% belonged to active mucosal COM with granulation tissue found in the mastoid cavity.40% belonged to active squamous COM with cholesteatoma and granulation tissue found in the mastoid air cell system.
Aural polyp found with extensive mucosal disease, bone erosion and 50% associated with cholesteatoma.
Conclusion : Active mucosal chronic oitis media was found more frequently during mastoid exploration in the selected ears for our study


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