Document Type : Original research


Azadi teaching hospital, Kirkuk



Background: Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases globally and has been increasing in prevalence over the last few decades.
Asthma is a syndrome characterized by airflow obstruction that varies markedly, both spontaneously and with treatment.

Aim of study: To assess the serum Magnesium levels in bronchial asthma patients in relation to severity stage.

Patient and methods: A case control study conducting at Baghdad Teaching Hospital at Baghdad Medical City complex of a fifty patients were diagnosed as bronchial asthma according to GINA guideline and fifty healthy individuals as a control group.

Result: Serum Magnesium levels were lower in asthmatic patients (36%), compared with healthy controls(4%), and significantly lower in asthmatic patients during exacerbation compared with stable asthmatics.

Conclusion: Serum Magnesium levels have a positive correlation with the level of symptom control in asthma. In uncontrolled asthma, serum Magnesium is significantly low. Hence, it might be useful as a biomarker in assessing control or severity of asthma.


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