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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Lecturer in College of Medicine - Hawler Medical University, Erbil – Iraq.


Background: When the patella is fractured it should be repaired and patellectomy should be avoided as much as possible even in comminuted fractures. In comminuted patellar fractures, a combination of cerclage wiring and tension band fixation is confirmed to provide good mechanical stability. The objective of the present work was to find out the effectiveness of comminuted patellar fracture fixation with combined cerclage and tension band wiring technique.
Method and patient: Forty- six patients underwent surgical stabilization for comminuted patellar fracture between year 1996 to 2016. All fractures were classified as 34-C3 according to the Orthopedic Trauma Association Classification. All the patients were underwent open reduction- internal fixation with combined Cerclage and tension band wiring technique.
Result: Fracture healing was occurred within an average of 3- 5 months, while in bilateral cases it was 4 - 8 months. Full range of knee movements was seen in 42 (91.3 %) cases and knee flexion more than 120º was seen in 4 (8.7 %) cases. Quadriceps power was normal in 44 (95.6 %) cases, but 2 cases had quadriceps power of grade-IV. No extensor lag and no quadriceps atrophy were seen in any cases. Forty four (95.6 %) patients could squat fully and two (4.3 %) patients could squat up to half of the normal level. All patients were able to climb up and down stairs without any problem.
Most patients have no subjective complaints like pain, difficulty in walking, difficulty in squatting and climbing. The clinical results after operation were evaluated by the clinical grading scales of Böstman including range of movement, pain, work, atrophy, assistance in walking, effusion, giving way, and stair-climbing during follow-up. There were no significant complications, such as infection, knee stiffness, and non-union or implant failure in any of the cases. The average follow-up period was 8 months (Ranged 6 – 18 months).
Conclusions: This study had concluded that combined Cerclage and tension band wiring technique was a successful surgical treatment for comminuted fractures of the Patella.


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