Instructions to Authors:

The Journal of Kirkuk Medical College is a biannual journal published by the college of medicine of Kirkuk University. The journal welcomes contributions from readers in Iraq and outside Iraq. The contributions will be reviewed by the editorial board and evaluated by selected reviewers in appropriate specialties.

The journal welcomes research papers with scientific merit and originality including basic medical science and clinical researches as well as, case reports, Review articles are also accepted. Submitted material is received for evaluation and editing on the understanding that it has neither been published previously, nor will it, if accepted, be submitted for publication elsewhere.

The manuscript should be presented in four copies including figures and tables (one original and three copies) along with a full copy on a compact disc (CD) on the assumption that manuscripts and figures will not be returned to the authors whether it will be accepted or rejected.

All submissions must conform to the Uniform Requirements:

  • The manuscript should be typed on size A4 white papers with at least one-inch margins on each side of the paper.
  • The manuscripts components should be arranged in this sequence: title page; abstract and key words; text; acknowledgments; references; tables, figures, complete with title and footnotes; legends for illustrations.
  • Use double spacing between the lines and numbering of the pages should be in mid of the page with the title page as page one.
  • Type the manuscript with English language font (Times New Roman) and the sizes are as follows:

1) Font size 16 and Bold for the title of the manuscript.

2) Font size 14 and Bold for the names and addresses of the authors.

3) Font size 14 and Bold for the headings and the first letter should be capital ex. Abstract.

4) Font size 14for the text of the entire article.

5) Font size 12 for the tables and legends of the figures.

Style of manuscript:

1. The title: is recommended to be very concise and informative, typed on a separate page.

2. Author(s), name(s), institution(s), address (es) should be typed on the title page.

3. Abstract: not more than 200 words in English. It should include:

Background, Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion.

4. Keywords: are used for indexing purposes, each article should provide 3-10 keywords selected from the research headings.

5. Text: this should include the following sections in the order listed:

A- Introduction: Stating purpose and rationales of the study with main pertinent

literatures. Numbers should be used for quotation to references.

B- Material and Methods: Include materials, subjects or patients, procedures,

chemicals, equipments and statistical analysis.

C- Results: Setting out in logical sequence, tables and illustration and principle findings.

  • Tables: Tables are typed each on a separate sheet with double spacing .do not submit tables as photographs. Tables should be numbered consecutively and supply a brief little for each. Place explanatory matter in footnotes. Andexplain in footnotes all non standard abbreviations that are used in each table.
  • Figures: Figures should be of high quality and in the form and condition suitable for reproduction. The title of the figure should be typed double spaced below the figure; and they should be done using Microsoft Excel.

D- Discussion: new aspects, interpretations, implications and their relations to other

relevant studies.

  • Acknowledgement: If any. Only to persons who have made substantive contribution to the study.
  • References: Acceptable references better to be recent, and should be numbered consecutively both in the text and in the list of references, in the order in which they appear in the text. The punctuation of the Vancouver style should be followed strictly in compiling the list of references List all authors when six or less, when seven or more, list only the first three and add et al.
  • For journal articles list on the following order: - Authors, title of paper, journal, year, volume, and page numbers (start and end).
  • For books: - Authors, title of book: edition, place, publisher, year and page.
  • For chapter in a book: -Authors, title for of chapter, name of editors, title of book, place, publisher, year and page.
  • The editing board reserves the right not to accept the paper for publication if it fails to meet the journal requirements or if its scientific standard is low.