Digital preservation encompasses a range of procedures and actions aimed at ensuring enduring access to information stored in digital formats. Its main objective is to guarantee the long-term retrieval and distribution of such data. The preservation strategy includes several measures, including the following:

  1. Website archiving:

   - All electronic content, such as websites and manuscripts, is stored in three distinct locations.

   - The primary content resides on a server, making it readily accessible to readers.

   - Additionally, identical copies of the content are kept as backups on hardcopy on two other sources within the Journal office in the College of Medicine – University of Kirkuk.

   - In the event of a server failure, the website can be brought back online using these alternative resources within 24 hours.

  1. Abstracting/Indexing services:

   - Our journal newly employed Abstracting/Indexing services to store crucial information about articles that will appear on the journal website in the next issue.

   - Furthermore, these services archive metadata and electronic versions of the articles.

   - Consequently, copies of articles are made available to the scientific community through these systems, serving as an alternative means of accessing the content instead of relying solely on traditional journals.