Reviewers are asked to provide their reports within 14 days of accepting the invitation to ensure timely decisions for authors. If there are any concerns about meeting the deadline, reviewers should send a detailed email to

During the review process, reviewers are expected to consider the following points, listed in the box below. These points cover various aspects of the manuscript and revisions that may be required. They include:

- Validity of the research questions
- Adequacy of the sample size
- Ethical approval and consent
- Appropriateness of the methods and study design
- Presence of appropriate controls in experiments
- Sufficient detail in reporting methods, equipment, and materials for reproducibility
- Appropriate use and reporting of statistical tests
- Clarity and accuracy of figures and tables representing results
- Discussion and comparison of previous research
- Consistency between results and conclusions
- Appropriate use of citations
- Acknowledgment of research limitations
- Accuracy of the abstract without spin
- Clarity and understandability of language

These points serve as a guide, and if there are aspects that reviewers cannot address or wish to comment on other aspects, they should inform the editors. Reviewers' unique perspectives and insights are valued. For any questions regarding the reviewing process, reviewers can contact the journal through

Reviewers are encouraged to focus their reports on objectively critiquing the scientific aspects of the submission, including the methodology's soundness and whether the results support the conclusions. Additionally, comments can be provided on the novelty and potential impact of the work. At the end of the review, reviewers are asked to recommend one of the following actions: Accepted, Minor Revision, Major Revision, Reject, or Unable to Review.

Reviewers should decline reviewing a submission if they have a financial interest in the subject matter or if they have had prior discussions about the manuscript with the authors. Reviewers should also decline if they feel unable to provide an objective evaluation.